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Entrust the creation of your employer brand and the management of the dissemination of your job postings to a human resources communication agency expert in the market.

For over 10 years, Twinin, a human resources communication and HR marketing agency, has been assisting HR/Com services in attracting their talents by offering the construction of an inspiring and engaging employer brand and supporting recruiters in talent acquisition through automated sourcing.

Our ambition ?

Deconstructing yesterday’s practices to revolutionize tomorrow’s recruitment communication.

Our teams aim to support you from the creation of your employer brand to the attraction of your future collaborators through communication and media strategies tailored to your needs, recruitment volume, all while respecting your objectives.

What sets us apart from traditional HR communication agencies

When looking at the current market, there are still few, if any, solutions that capitalize on both consulting, strategy, and the dissemination of your ads with daily monitoring..

As you may have understood, we are the first HR communication agency offering comprehensive support for HR services, whereas others only offer a tool without strategy and follow-up.

Out with HR consulting firms that do not reflect your values !

Our independence allows us to support you in the creation and deployment of your employer brand and talent attraction without being reliant on an entity connected to advertisers or the media, unlike others.

Attract talents with a high-performing and creative employer brand.

We support Human Resources professionals in building their employer brand through a methodology based on creative performance. Our teams work daily with HR on the actions to implement to promote their values ​​to both employees and talents.

Learn more about our employer brand methodology

Employer brand campaigns that rely solely on HR pillars without conveying substance, form, and emotion are no longer relevant. Behind our messages, there is humanity, a story, and the real-life experiences of internal teams, all while relying on A/B testing.

Attract talents by automating sourcing

Times have changed, recruitment is no longer as it used to be, HR departments must double their efforts to attract talents. The advent of digital technology now allows us to use various marketing tools such as data and retargeting.

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Sourcing automation enables working on the performance of your job postings through various data collected and analyzed by Data Traders. Thus, you will be better able to assess which media channels are used for posting your ads, based on the expected profiles, and improve the quality of received CVs while reducing your costs.

Sourcing automation explained in 30 seconds.

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