Sourcing automation

Discover ALLinOne,

An ultra-innovative recruitment software, driven by data, which automates candidate sorting and ensures intelligent job posting distribution.

SMART DISTRIBUTION /’sourcing automation/ n.f. « Smart job posting distribution » is the automation of job postings on selected platforms based on their effectiveness, demonstrated by historical data, to maximize the chances of reaching qualified candidates.

ALLinOne revolutionizes your approach to recruitment by making the process more automated and reliable.

Ask yourself : are your current job postings reaching ideal candidates at the most opportune moments ? Is your communication precisely tailored to your target audience’s expectations, and are you effectively utilizing the most relevant distribution channels ? Are you leveraging your past KPIs to optimize the distribution of your job openings ?

With ALLinOne, you control and adjust your distribution, especially through the “Boost” module, which allows you to take complementary actions independently after identifying that a job posting requires additional attention.

Notre plateforme offre également l’avantage de trier automatiquement vos candidatures, éliminant ainsi les heures perdues à examiner les CV. Avec ALLinOne, vous vous concentrez sur les candidatures déjà présélectionnées par notre intelligence artificielle.

Our platform also offers the advantage of automatically sorting your applications, eliminating the hours wasted on reviewing resumes. With ALLinOne, you focus on the applications already pre-selected by our artificial intelligence.


ALLinOne integrates the most effective technologies to maximize candidate conversion. In a context where candidates are becoming scarcer, don’t waste time with actions that are not quantified and not data-approved.

Use ALLinOne either as a complementary recruitment software for smart distribution in synergy with your current ATS, or as a main solution to manage the entire process of distribution, reception, and sorting of your applications.


  • This is the flagship feature of ALLinOne.
  • Automatic media plan for an agile response to market trends and candidate preferences. Direct your distribution strategy based on data.
  • Dynamic adaptation to the browsing behaviors of your audience to increase your CV conversion rate

Boost Job Listings

  • Access performance analytics of your job postings (number of views, visits to the ad, bounce rate, etc.) directly from ALLinOne.
  • Use this information to trigger coherent actions such as pre-recorded marketing scenarios, posting on specialized job boards, or distribution to schools and social networks.

Application Sorting

Let artificial intelligence sort your applications and find directly those that best match your job postings.

Automated Message to Candidates

Schedule automated messages at each stage of the recruitment process to ensure no application goes unanswered, to schedule interviews, request more information, etc. Everything is easily customizable and automatable.

Three commercial offers are available for businesses.


The free version, which allows managing resumes and accessing some features on ALLinOne.


The intermediate paid version “PRO”, which allows managing applications, setting up automatic sorting, and sending messages to candidates.


The “ENTERPRISE” version, which provides a comprehensive solution for distributing, receiving, and automatically sorting your applications.