Recruitment and Mobility: An Overview of Best Practices

In the world of recruitment, it is crucial for a recruiter to act as both a supporter and a challenger for their client. Whether the client is external as a service provider or internal as a member of a company, the recruiter must understand and respect the requirements of their client while demonstrating the objectives and methods of successful recruitment.

For this new season, Patati & Patata, the show that seeks information from HR professionals, had the honor of welcoming a key figure in the HR environment of the renowned small household appliance company Groupe SEB, to discuss the theme of recruitment and the importance of each of its aspects.

Isabelle Dupont & Groupe SEB

This week’s guest, Isabelle Dupont, holds the position of Talent Acquisition & Mobility Manager at Groupe SEB. Her role involves recruiting executives for the company in France, both internally and externally. Groupe SEB is an international company present in 150 countries, with 35 brands and over 30,000 employees worldwide. With 41 industrial sites, including 11 in France, the company sells an average of 11 products per second.

One of Groupe SEB’s main recruitment challenges is to integrate new talents and support their development within the company. To achieve this, the talent acquisition team works closely with the training and talent management teams to create an optimal candidate experience, promote the attractiveness of the company, and foster internal mobility.

Recruitment Best Practices

Candidate Evaluation

Candidate evaluation is an essential step in the recruitment process. At Groupe SEB, this evaluation is carried out in collaboration with managers and recruitment experts. The talent acquisition team uses a managerial competency model to identify the priority skills required for each position. Specific questions are then asked during interviews to assess these skills. By defining essential skills for each position in advance, the team reduces the risk of error when closing recruitment.

Advice for Candidates

Isabelle gives three pieces of advice to candidates who want to succeed in a job interview at Groupe SEB.

  • Preparation: Candidates should prepare their presentation by being concise, structured, and providing concrete examples of their past achievements.
  • Asking questions: Interviews are an opportunity for candidates to ask questions and assess compatibility between themselves and the company. The questions asked by candidates demonstrate their interest and ability to engage.
  • Showing openness and projection: Candidates who demonstrate an interest in advancement and progression are appreciated at Groupe SEB. Even if no deadline is set, the willingness to progress is an asset.

Professional Anecdote

Isabelle shares an interesting anecdote from her early days in the recruitment field. While working for a recruitment agency, she faced a demanding and difficult client.

This experience led her to understand that the role of a recruiter is primarily to support and challenge their client, showing them the objectives of good recruitment and proposing innovative methods.

Recruitment and mobility are essential aspects in the professional world. Companies such as Groupe SEB understand the importance of attracting the best talents and supporting their development within the company. By implementing effective recruitment practices and promoting internal mobility, these companies create an environment conducive to growth and success.

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